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& Property Care

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Commercial Property Landscaping Done Right.

Lawngevity Landscaping offers the Kansas City metro area more than just standard property care services—we follow a complete year-round strategy to ensure routine commercial ground upkeep.

Mowing and Lawn Care

There's nothing better than fresh-cut grass. Our care experts are exceptional in lawn-mowingensuring blade height and the cut pattern are on point. 


Our team will collaborate with you to design the perfect mix of flowers and shrubbery. We'll discuss appropriate plant-life selection, size, color, and texture.

Weed removal

Flowers and shrubs deliver a sense of magnificence to your commercial property. We’ll perform timely ground-keeping audits to ensure flower beds are kept healthy and looking their best.

Irrigation and Repair

Our specialists provide sprinkler system head replacement, relocation, and repairin addition to adding drip lines and replacing faulty valves.


Mulch and Edging

Ahhhh...newly mulched landscape. We recommend trimming and adding mulch every season, not only for curb appeal, but it will help keep your plants and shrubs beautiful and in-aligned. 


Shrub and Plant Clean-Up

Don’t let your shrubbery and plant life become unruly. We’ll step in to prune flowers, shrubbery, and other plant life to keep the lines of your landscape and flower beds looking pristine.

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